MAV100 BETA Test Program

What is the Real Value of a Block chain?

It is time for Cardano to become what Blockchain promised from the beginning. It is time for Cardano to become the settlement layer for the application of capital and the generation of real wealth. Our NFT sales will build community owned Air Node networks powered by the World Mobile core. We will provide service to customers and earn revenue. Communities will maintain and expand their networks. Quality of service will go up and quality of life will go up with it.

The primary focus of our BETA Test is to buy Cellular Network Equipment, test it, and start gathering network usage rates. We need to connect an unconnected community or two. We need to sell some eSIMs. We need to see how much overflow Data there is at a Hockey game or at the County fair. We need to get a bunch of students experience installing Air Nodes. 

What we are building with this BETA Test is a skilled workforce capable of installing, maintaining, and managing a network. We are building a template for community ownership. We are building a set of mobile network equipment we can deploy and move all over the country. The owners of the Seed NFT will be members of the first MAV100 community cooperative and this mobile network will move all around the country bootstrapping new community networks, supporting large events and providing service in disaster relief situations all around the country.


BETA Test End Game

The BETA Test will allow us to test all of the parts of a comprehensive Network. We are going to do this under the auspices of the MAV100 Mobile Community Cooperative LLC.   The units are all going to be mobile in nature with the possible exception of our test Macro Tower. As the test continues we are going to purchase more of the equipment that works and do standard ROI analysis. When we are finished with the BETA Test we will have practical tested information on all of the equipment we need to Connect the Unconnected. We will have a Minimum Viable Network Plan for Chelan County. 

We will now form the Chelan County Community Cooperative and the new Community Cooperative will buy any of the permanent equipment from the MAV100 Mobile Community Cooperative as well as purchase what they need for the MVN plan. The MAV100 Mobile Community Cooperative will now have a tested mobile network that can be moved and set up anywhere.  We will keep this mobile network and use it for large sporting events, fairs, disaster relief. The Seed NFT owners that helped build the BETA Test network will own a mobile network that will cover events that are under served by permanent network infrastructure as well as provide service to new communities that are in the process of adopting their own Community Network.

Community Participation

Go here to see updates on the installation of air nodes/ISP infrastructure and on-boarding events in Chelan County. 

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News from the World Mobile Team

We are communicating with WM constantly. We are integrating their solutions into communities. Connecting teams like WM with decentralized solutions to people in communities is what we do.  


BETA Test Road Map


  • Phase 1 BETA Test Seed NFT Sale
  • Implementation of Phase 1 BETA
    • ISP Formation
    • Trade Schools Founded
    • BETA test equipment Air Node Purchases
  • First student cohort training


  • Network installation
  • ISP installation
  • Christmas eSIM sales.
  • Create MVN Plan for Chelan County


  • Phase 2 Expansion
    • Phase 2 Implementation
    • CCM Revenue Portal
    • CCM DAO Management portal
    • Create Foundation Legal Entity
  • Chelan County Community Cooperative BETA Buyout NFT Sale
  • MAV100 Mobile Air Node Network Seed NFT owner DAO Ratification
  • Chelan County Community Cooperative NFT DAO ratification

We are going to Test a Network

We are going to build full service comprehensive Cell Networks. We are not interested in helping fill in the places the big carriers didn’t bother to cover. We are going to replace their networks with networks that our communities own in partnership with their schools. This means we need to test a variety of Air Nodes and supporting equipment. We need to test standard 3 direction Macro Cells. We need to test large building solutions. We will need 2 direction long range directional towers to support drivers on highways. We will need to test Cell connecting line of site Microwave transmit/receiver pairs. We will need dense population area mesh networks. 

We will Build the Template for Mass Adoption

MAV100 is going to use pertinent existing solutions developed by people who are building applications on the Cardano Blockchain. Using the Cardano Blockchain as a settlement layer is just the beginning. We can use these solutions to help a community crowd fund their own Community Owned Cell Network. Eventually any piece of community infrastructure can be built this way.

But to make this happen we need support structures that will help us generate both the financial and human capital that a community will need to install and maintain their network. Thus we will found our trade schools and build our first cohort of student teachers. We have students moving towers around and installing them at test locations now. 

We must also build web portals for staking and purchase of Community Cooperative NFTs. We must build the DAO portals so the Seed NFT owners can manage the BETA assets through the DAO management system. Once revenues begin the distribution mechanisms must be built and tested. There is a mountain of work to do. Anyone that wants to join us is welcome. 


MAV100 BETA Test Budget

This is a BETA test and as we move forward some things will work and some things will not work. We will adjust this Budget in an intelligent manner and the whole point of setting up a DAO framework is to solicit input. We will be looking to our community for inspiration because we have a lot of problems to solve. Decentralization as a core concept is at the heart of Cardano solutions and we will need new ways to apply this paradigm to currently existing societal structures. In reality the BETA Test will never end.

MAV100 Seed NFT Program Mint Budget    $477,700

MAV100 Network Support Operations                   $55,500

  • Corporate Formation
  • Paying Students in Apprenticeship Program
  • Accounting
  • Cooperative NFT Mint
  • Insurance 
  • School Alliance SPO Incubation Program
  • Additional Legal Fees

Beta ISP Service: $50,700

  • ISP Registration/Fees/fiber access
  • ISP Beta Server Installation/Security
  • ISP Management/monitoring for 3 months
  • Optical Network Terminals
  • Low Voltage Tools

Airnodes + Equipment $269,000

  • 20 BlinQ FW-300i
  • Microwave LoS Cell Connectors
  • Large building Cell Booster Kits 
  • (10) BlinQ FWC-145IN-35 Mesh Test Unit
  • Adapters/Cable
  • Mounting Hardware, airnode enclosures 
  • Additional Test Equipment

WM Network installation/maintenance/development $102,500

  • CPI/SAS Access 6 months
  • Installation Labor (1000 hours over 6 months)
  • Data aggregation/presentation (600 hours over 6 months)
  • Location/School Outreach (600 hours over 6 months)
  • School Blockchain Integration (600 hours over 6 months)
  • Internet Web Portal Development