Community Cooperative Membership Associations

Once a community cooperative network has been created members can take their Community Cooperative Membership NFTs and stake them in the appropriate community portal. This staking is non-custodial and allows the owner to receive distributions of revenues from the network. These NFTs are also meant to be staked with ADA to the associated Student Alliance SPO.  When delegated to the Alliance SPO members will gain the following additional benefits:

  • The CCM NFT is activated providing DAO votes and representation to the holder.
  • The ability to invest in any future community infrastructure projects through their Community Cooperative Membership mints.

This will promote local investment in community infrastructure and will result in an on-chain/off-chain DAO. Communities will be supporting local students through delegation to the local stake pool alliance and in hosting the DAO these students will have a central role in maintaining a local decentralized governance structure that becomes systemic in the management of community infrastructure.

What is a Cooperative Association?

A Cooperative Association is a type of Legal Entity that is commonly used in the United States. Costco, Condo Associations, and TreeTop Apple Juice are commonly known Cooperative Associations. Cooperative Associations allow Members to pool resources to own and maintain assets and to distribute the revenues to the members as a pass through entity. Distributions are recorded and members are sent the appropriate tax and reporting information. Thus the Cooperative Association can use economies of scale to build and maintain assets and cover expenses and then delegate 

Now we have a community that has its own telecommunications network, is a capable SPO, and is fully integrated into the decentralized Cardano framework. This will be the foundation of an on-chain/off-chain governance system that on-boards communities from top to bottom into the Cardano ecosystem.

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