We are helping Communities Take Ownership of their Telecommunications Infrastructure

The 509 Telecommunications Cooperative is building the Physical Infrastructure that all of our data services use. We are offering a wider variety of Data Services than current options. The people who use our services are the people who own the network. Of course we are going to provide better service. 

We are also partnered with local schools to teach students how to build and maintain these networks. They are our kids. We want them to have the opportunity to learn about these fundamental parts of our infrastructure. 

We are holding Community Cooperative meetings every Tuesday night at 6 PM. We have been members of Blue Bird and Treetop Cooperatives all our lives. We are all aware of how the PUD provides electricity to our community. We are using the same business structures to bring better service and better prices to our community.

Visit the 509 Telecommunications Cooperative

Our first community cooperative is being built in the 509 region of Washington State. See how we are changing the relationship between communities and their data infrastructure.