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MAV100 is dedicated to bringing Cardano and community adopters together. We do this through students, education, and community ownership.  Delegation to the MAV100 SPO supports our student outreach program. The funds raised by this SPO pays students and instructors to install and maintain the MAV100 Mobile Cooperative Network. 

We have started building a ca. We are creating wallets for them and teaching them about delegation and the other incredible aspects of Cardano now. We have installed parts of this network in the City of Leavenworth and we are expanding coverage as more of the equipment arrives. We are building our Trade School model right now through the testing work we are doing with this network. 

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Become a Member through Delegation to MV100 SPO.

Starting EPOCH: TBD

If you are not a member of the MAV100 Mobile Cooperative Association yet you can become a member by delegating to our stake pool. For people who are not members you will be able to earn a MAV100 Seed Whitelist Token by delegating 1000 or more Ada to the [MV100] Stake Pool for 10 Epochs. It will take 500 Ada and 1 MAV100 Seed Whitelist token to purchase a membership in the MAV100 MCA. This program will run for [TBD] Epochs or until enough tokens are sent out to reach a total of 3000 total Seed NFT’s . 

The primary function of Seed NFT is to allow us to use the blockchain to efficiently and trustlessly distribute revenues and organize a DAO to manage the Mobile Networks. 

The Second Function of the Seed NFT Memberships is to allow the Seed NFT owners to purchase CCM NFT’s in all future community NFT membership sales. We are going to facilitate this through the emission of CCM NFT Whitelist tokens. Every Epoch a wallet will earn a number of tokens based on the Number of Seed NFT’s in the wallet, the number of Epochs the wallet has been delegated to MV100, and the amount of Ada delegated by the wallet. 

When these CCM NFT sales occur people in the community will be able to sign up with our on-boarding agents personally. If they are already in the Cardano community and want to buy the NFT’s through the minting portal we will send them tokens. But in most cases we are going to hold their NFT’s in custodial wallets until they are fully on-boarded and have their own wallets.  

For people on the Cardano Blockchain to participate in these community sales you need to have the CCM Whitelist Tokens and the only way you can get these tokens is through delegation to the [MV100] SPO with Seed NFT’s in a wallet. The number of tokens you will get will be Number Seed NFT’s X Number Epochs delegated(Max 10) X ADA. We are going to adjust this rate as we move into this project based on the number of upcoming community integrations and delegations.

Earn Community Cooperative Whitelist Tokens.

Starting EPOCH: TBD



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