MAV100 Seed NFT Whitelist

This NFT sale will signal the beginning of Cardano as the settlement layer for capital application in communities and make it the currency tool we use to raise the standard of living for millions around the world.  

We are building a community of people who want Blockchain to deliver on the promise of decentralization. We will build real world assets. To expand ownership we all must accept this responsibility and lead.

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This is the Whitelist form for our Seed NFT Sale. We plan to sell 3000 Seed NFT’s and the base price is 500 Ada. The Open Sale begins in November.

We want everyone who wants one of our MAV100 Seed NFTs to get one and build a community. Everyone who signs up here will be able to purchase 1 MAV100 Seed NFT for 450 Ada on the first time through the list. 

We will close the list in November . We will start Going through this list in November and create a whitelist purchase portal to the website. 

We will go through the list the second time and allow everyone who signs up for 2 or more to buy a Seed NFT for 500 Ada. On the 3rd pass we will have everyone who selected 3 or more purchase another one. This process will continue until we hit 3000 sold. 

In the event that more than 3000 people sign up we will send an invitation to everyone that signs up. 

If more than 3000 people purchase a MAV100 Seed NFT we will buy more air nodes and have a larger Mobile Community Cooperative Network. 

If the white list does not sell 3000 NFT’s the open sale will start in November.  

This will be the only sale of MAV100 Seed NFT’s. Any further expansions of the Mobile Community Cooperative will use regular CCM NFT’s to raise capital.