A New Direction for the Cardano Community

My name is Collin Smith and I am one of the founders of MAV100. This is a tough time for the Cardano community. The bear market is more than lingering. The value of Ada is falling against the value of the US Dollar. Right now Bitcoin/EVM Maxi’s are openly cheerleading for ETF’s so Blackrock and other incumbents can take over their chains.

We want to start taking Cardano in a different direction. We do not need nor want institutional adoption. By harnessing community support we can tap into a source of both productivity and liquidity. We will be in NFTxLV in a few days. At this event we are going to highlight our Community Cooperative Membership NFT framework. We are going to be selling NFTs with a real world purpose that drives mass adoption of Cardano through community owned projects. It‘s time to stop waiting for the bull market and make change happen.

First we must understand why Ada is bouncing off of .24 and will probably be going lower. The Cardano blockchain, and crypto in general, is bleeding out because it doesn’t do anything for the lives of most people. Crypto Blockchains now are an ecosystem for people who like new technology and like to play fast paced DeFi games. Eventually the Pareto Distribution asserts itself and a few people will end up with all of the tokens that have no value. On the path to this end people try to fund their crypto lives with tokens that dwindle in value because of emissions and a lack of real world value.

There are 2 ways out of this spiral. The first is Institutional adoption. Bitcoin Maxi’s are all excited about ETFs and are looking forward to Blackrock or Vanguard buying them out. The people who printed Fiat into a farce to make themselves wealthy are going to save Bitcoin and EVM. Good for them. They will get to play their little DeFi games in the walled gardens provided for them and anything with real value will be taken from them just like the fiat economy.

The second option is mass adoption through community ownership. Cardano is positioned right now to achieve this for several applications. We are starting with Decentralized Telecommunications due to both the wide familiarity with not just the basics of telecommunications, but the central role it plays in our lives.

We are going to raise funds through an NFT sale to build out a community owned Telecommunications network. We have started a Beta testing program using WM Towers to create networks not just in Chelan/Douglas Counties but with people we know across Washington State. This train is leaving now.

We want the Cardano community to join us. Find us at NFTxLV. I will be there on Thursday. Msg me if you want to hang out and discuss how far our community network has come and what is in store for the near future. I will be there with another founder, Chris Geren, who some of you know already most of the time. I am the one with the hair and MAV100 shirt.

Collin Smith, @Attonasi
Founder MAV100