All MAV100 Entities are Trade Schools

MAV100 has 2 fundamental purposes. Everyone knows about our efforts to integrate Cardano Projects like World Mobile into communities. Our second purpose is to create an educational ecosystem that provides opportunity and training.

It is just as important to us that we provide the opportunity for all students and citizens in the community to develop into formidable, capable, and skilled people. All of our entities are Trade Schools. We are going to offer apprenticeships to our student club members that teach real skills and provide actual hands on support for the telecommunications network. We will instill a sense of pride in hard work and contributions to our communities. We want strong Students with skills and with real service and connection to the community.

If people don’t understand how a telecommunications network is built and how it runs then they will be easy prey for centralized corporations and governments to take advantage of. We will train thousands of kids how to set up their own decentralized alternative and how to provide their own telecommunications for themselves and their communities.

Right now the Centralized powers have set up a system where they can spy on every move you make. They can predict your physical location 90% of the time. They can verify your identity by your voice. They know every word you have said, every email and text you have sent for the last decade. They know what you are likely to buy and who you are likely to vote for. They are heavily invested in maintaining their wealth and their power over you. These people are a constant throughout history.

MAV100 is going to offer all communities a Decentralized Telecommunications Option. Most people just want to live and be free. This is part of a movement to fundamentally change society and change these patterns that plague history. Help us turn these kids into avenging angels with real power and real commitment to higher ideals.

The Cardano Blockchain and the solutions being developed here provide us the opportunity to break several long standing negative historical patterns. We are currently a community of engineers/devs with awesome ideas and solutions. It is now time for Cardano to live up to its potential and that means bringing these solutions to communities in ways they will accept and understand.