Welcome to the MAV100 D-Rep Training Program

In order to have a Decentralized community we must have leaders and citizens that are proficient in civics  and understand the roles and responsibilities of leadership. A community can only allow as much freedom as the citizens of that community are capable of. A critical mass in the community must be able to fill the necessary roles and do the necessary jobs that keep society running. 

We are training citizens and leaders in a comprehensive program. We are not just teaching you how to sign up and vote. We are teaching the fundamentals of good governance. We are teaching about stakeholder responsibility. We are teaching people about the tools that we can use to implement Decentralized Governance and management of community owned assets.  Our Training program is designed for people who are new to Cardano and new to Blockchain to help people

We emphasize the importance of community engagement and participation in a decentralized society. Our representatives organize town hall meetings, workshops, and other events to gather input from their constituents and make decisions based on the collective wisdom of the community.

Our representatives lead by example, adopting decentralized practices in their own lives and promoting them within their communities. Our students become the teachers. After taking this course representatives will be well-equipped to lead society towards a decentralized future, one where power is distributed, decisions are made collectively by stakeholders, and we expand the pool of capital accessible to our communities.

Table of Contents

Our Community Cooperatives are run as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization where we elect our managing board members. Our DAOs manage local community projects, allowing them to experience firsthand the benefits of decentralized decision-making.

And finally MAV100 is specifically dedicated to expanding these opportunities to everyone in the world. We are Connecting the Unconnected centered around access to connectivity for unconnected communities. We will build classrooms with internet access and provide training for people who currently do no have access to this D-Rep training anywhere else. 

What is a D-Rep

How do you become a D-Rep

What is staking and delegation

How does a D-Rep represent their Delegators

What is Sancho Net

What is an Application Program Interface - API

Sancho Net API