NFT Test Space

Testing NFT releases so this goes smoothly. These have no planed value. Some day there will probably be a shirt made for people who keep these but only if we take over the cellular communication space. The policy is open. It will eventually be closed once we have done enough finding out. 

FAFO Button Tester

This is a form so I can generate excel spreadsheets to feed to NMKR site for the FAFO NFT. 

Comments on form are for fun. 

These NFTs will have as much functionality as the Hosky Token. So much Functionality. 

This Button should also take you to the NMKR Mint site. I am going to be putting buttons down here that may or may not work. This is the way some of us learn. 

FAFO Whitelist Form

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How much F-ing around do you wish to do?