MAV100 In a Nutshell

  • We have created legal entities to support Trade Schools to organically build skills in a community to install and maintain their own networks.
  • We have created a Community Cooperative Membership Template that allows a community to fund and own their own Community Network.
  • We are creating a portal that can distribute revenues to NFT owners and allow them to elect D-Reps through the DAO to manage the company.

MAV100’s second function is to protect the decentralized nature of the community owned network. The Community Cooperative and MAV100 will both share 50% ownership of community assets. The only way for a Centralized entity to buy out the community owned network is to get MAV100 to sell out. MAV100 will never sell out.

Cardano adoption and Community Integration goes through World Mobile

How you get a skeptical community to adopt Web 3, NFT’s, and Blockchain

  • Phase 0 Donate Air Node to Schools
  • Phase 1 Community Integration and On Boarding
  • Phase 2 Community Cooperative NFT Mint
  • Phase 3 Build Minimum Viable Network
  • Phase 4 DAO Ratification and assumption of responsibility

Phase 0 Donate Air Node to Schools

  • Schools always like free stuff and opportunities for people to teach students about exciting new technology
  • We start teaching kids the basics of telecommunications, RF propagation, networking, ISPs, Back Haul
  • We open up a Stake Pool Alliance for the area

Phase 1 Community Integration and On Boarding

  • Now that students are learning about Decentralized Telecommunications barriers to Crypto/NFT’s are lowered.
  • We go to people in the community, explain decentralized telecommunications, and get them signed up.
  • During this time we develop the Minimum Viable Network contract with the community members

Phase 2 Community Cooperative NFT Mint

  • With community members signed up and a MVN Contract we determined funds needed
  • We take funds needed and sell Community Cooperative Membership(CCM) NFT’s for 100 Ada each

Phase 3 Build Minimum Viable Network

  • We take the funds from phase 2 and build a Minimum Viable Network soup to nuts
  • Kids/community members schools sign up to apprentice in MAV100 trade schools they help build out their network

Phase 4 DAO Ratification and assumption of responsibility

  • Each community will take it’s first DAO vote to ratify the MVN Contract and completion of the MVN
  • DAO will nominate and elect community D-Reps

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How MAV100 Supports Community Investment

Overcoming the barriers to community investment

What it takes to build a community owned Telecommunications Network

  • To build a Telecommunications Network you need a massive amount of capital and technical knowledge. It requires Large Corporations to do this now.
  • Individuals or communities have no real way to build these systems or participate because of the massive barriers to entry. 
  • There is really no way to build a small network. You need a Fiber Optic network that can cover a whole country if not the world. You need a fairly large work force of technically skilled people.

The MAV100 Solution

  • We remove the overhead.
    1. Our Trade Schools facilitate transfer of necessary technical skills and build a skilled workforce in the community.
    2. Our Community Cooperative Membership NFT Template allows communities to raise funds.
    3. Our Community DAO structure maintains local control and facilitates transparent and open governance and cooperative management.
  • The MAV100 and Community Cooperative Partnership protects the Decentralized nature of the Network.
    1. All assets are owned by a Community LLC formed for each community owned network to hold the assets.
    2. Both MAV100 and the Community Cooperative own 50% of the Community LLC jointly.
    3. No centralized entity will ever be able to acquire enough of the company to change the organizational structure.

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MAV100 Community Cooperative Template Drives Adoption of Cardano

A Generation of Students will lead us into a Decentralized Future

The Decentralized Community Paradigm

  • The Community funds and owns its own Telecommunications Network
  • The School Stake Pool Alliance(SPA) makes the Cardano Settlement Layer the center of Community governance
  • Parents Delegating to the School SPA support their students and decentralize the Cardano blockchain
  • Communities manage their Telecommunication Network through an On Chain Off Chain DAO

Parents and Students adopt through delegation

  • The best way to get a parent to accept Cardano is to use it to support their kids education.
  • Students set up a Stake Pool alliance and connect to other schools in the area.
  • Blocks generated by the stake pool and the rewards go into an account that supports Student activities.
  • Parents increase the number of blocks generated by delegating to their kids stake pool. 
  • These delegation accounts can be set up as education saving accounts.

Communities manage their Telecommunication Network using a DAO

  • CCM NFT holders with NFT’s staked in the Portal and Ada delegated to the School Alliance Stake Pool elect Decentralized Representatives.
  • D-Reps attend Board Meetings. Actions and policy votes are recorded. 
  • Nominated D-Reps have a page where they openly state their policy goals and past votes are displayed
  • CCM NFT holders/delegators delegate their support to one or more D-Reps with delegating power equal to number of NFT’s owned and sufficient stake pool delegation.
  • CCM NFT holders have a transparent view of D-Rep positions and Vote record and can change delegation at any time.

Our Template will Integrates Cardano Decentralized Solutions into Communities

  • The Template provides a model for local governance that can be extended to any part of community governance.
  • The Template allows for community ownership of any piece of key infrastructure.
  • Capital and resources stay in the community.
  • Students learn to lead and to govern.

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The MAV100 NFT Ecosystem

How Blockchain can enable community owned telecommunications 

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How MAV100 fosters On Chain/Off Chain DAO Governance

Our Community DAOs will give communities a better way to manage Local Governance

The Current Model of Local Governance does not work

  • Participation in local governance all over the world is really low. 
  • It is nearly impossible to keep up with every decision being made by elected officials at multiple levels of government. 
  • Elections are held at awkward times, are inconvenient and increasingly fraudulent
  • Elected officials tend to be dishonest people who obfuscate their actions and are driven by a need to have power over others.

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations will bring Transparency and Convenience and will increase Participation

  • Voting actions are recorded in the blockchain permanently. No lying or obfuscation.
  • The blockchain is always accessible. No hiding. 
  • Voting and Delegation changes are possible at any time and also recorded on the blockchain. No hanging chads or mail in ballots.
  • Voting and Delegation are limited to citizens that contribute and build the system.

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MAV100 Community BETA Test

We have the Cardano Community, Chelan County, and World Mobile all ready to work together and build the first Community Owned Telecommunications Network

We will build and test the Community Cooperative Template in Chelan County Washington

  • A Community Owned Telecommunications network
  • A Community centered School Alliance Stake Pool
  • An On Chain Off Chain DAO populated by CCM NFT Owners and School SP Alliance Delegators
  • Revenues Earned by the Air Node Network will be distributed to community investors.
  • Community funded efforts to connect unconnected rural communities

Three Motivated Groups Coming together

  • Chelan County has hundreds and soon to be thousands of interested community members who are signing up friends and learning about Decentralized Telecommunications Solutions
  • World Mobile Telecommunications has developed a Decentralized Telecommunications network and is now building networks in several countries
  • MAV100 has built a Community template that supports community funding and ownership of decentralized telecommunications and integrates students and education and skill building

This is a perfect testing ground for the Community Cooperative Membership Template

  • The Chelan County PUD has given us access to the Fiber Optic network it has installed throughout the county.
  • With our own ISP and Back Haul network World Mobile will have access to the entire data pipeline to debug it’s network
  • With a mix of Chelan County residents and Cardano community investors and supporters we will have an ideal mix of people to test our CCM Template

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The MAV100 Stake Pool Incubator Program

Making Kids and Parents allies in adoption of Cardano

Parents Delegating Ada to their Kid’s School

  • What is a School Stake Pool Alliance?
  • How do we hook Parents into Cardano?
  • Why do we host the Community Governance Structures in the School Alliance?

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MAV100 Trade Schools teach skills that support Community Ownership

The importance of building a community workforce

Skill sets an organization will need to build and maintain a telecommunications network

  • Network Installers
  • Network IT Professionals
  • Antenna Maintenance Professionals
  • E-Sim/ISP sales
  • ISP install and maintenance
  • Network Extension specialists for reaching remote locations

Our Trade Schools solve multiple Problems

  • We will use the Journeyman/Apprentice paradigm
  • MAV100 will pay students to work with Professionals and learn skills on the job
  • These students will become journeyman and they will train the next cohort
  • Students get meaningful work
  • Communities build a skilled workforce

This Template will cover much more

  • Students can be paid to learn how to install and maintain:
    • Powerplants
    • Water Towers and Wells
    • Food Production and Processing
    • Community Housing Developments
    • Students gain valuable skills
  • Communities have an organic source of tribal knowledge to become self sufficient
  • Communities can now help other communities build this template by supplying Journeyman to continue to grow this model.
  • We are talking to Church groups now about Missions. A mission to a poor community that installs a Water Tower and Telecommunications/ISP service will be a powerful tool.
  • We have a model for funding these missions built in.

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The MAV100 Future

Control the coinage and the courts

What is a currency? 

  • What if we created an E-Coin? And the only way to mint new E-Coins was to generate 1MW of electricity and put it through our portal onto our electrical grid?
  • Or a W-Coin? And the only way to mint a W-Coin was to pump a gallon of water into a reservoir or community water tower? 
  • A community can finance building a new house through our CCM NFT template. 
  • A community can invest in its own Electricity generation. It can generate electricity and can earn E-Coins. Some of the E-Coins will be distributed to the CCM NFT owners. Others will be sold to people who use electricity. 
  • Currencies based off of community owned assets will be the first currencies to have an actual intrinsic value that goes far beyond the limited commercial use cases of even gold and silver.

Financial Institutions will never be gatekeepers again

  • With community owned Assets we will eventually have the breadth and depth to create currency that is not fiat in nature, but actually based on life necessities. 
  • Communities can set their own mortgage rates. Jerome Powell will no longer determine how much a new house costs. 
  • Most people want to be able to afford enough to live without having to support the greed of a few interested individuals. 
  • This will be a fundamental restructuring of Social Contracts. We do not underestimate the scope and depth of this change. With trustless finance and smart contracts soon the need for courts will also be greatly diminished.
  • This will not appear on road maps for a fear years. But know where we are trying to go.

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