Welcome to MAV100 University

At MAV100 University we focus on 3 core subjects.  

First we provide work study opportunities. We give students real jobs. We train them how to work and how real jobs feel. We give them opportunities to be truly productive in their community. This isn’t community service or a resume builder. They are installing radio towers. They are switching ports on ONT boxes. They are making sales calls. 

Second We teach students the technical aspects of our modern data infrastructure. We teach them how networks are built and we teach them the jargon so they can talk to people in the industry. We teach them about the physical transmission lines and EM fields. We teach them about radios and RF propagation. We teach them about the communication protocols. 

Third we teach the philosophy of citizenship. We train students to build a core of integrity that allows them to make good decisions and able to carry themselves in a free society. 


D-Rep Leadership

Our first course is in leadership and how to become a Decentralized Representative.