MAV100 BETA Test Equipment Information Page

During our BETA Test we are going to be purchasing and testing a comprehensive list of 4g LTE and eventually 5G equipment. We will discuss troubleshooting issues and our reports on the field performance of these units. We are in the process of sourcing equipment now for different user plane radios as well as infrastructure and back haul equipment. This page will show the equipment he have tested and plan on testing. We are going to build this network out nationwide as fast as possible. We are going to teach as many people as possible how this equipment works. Here we will tell you which companies support their equipment and we will provide real world performance data.

BliNQ Technologies

Right now we are using an FW-300i for most of our testing. The FW-300i is a 180 degree coverage 3 channel antenna package. It is a very economical and powerful for the cost. It is about as versatile as a boxed antenna solution can be. We have been able to get signal at over a mile and coverage is good. The technical support has been extremely good. Their call center is very responsive. We have been installing it in multiple locations and have been able to register it with the SAS portal consistently and it is probably as user friendly as it gets. 


My guess is this company is having some fun with Multiple Input Multiple Output(MIMO) to make their name. They specialize in Microwave Point to Point high throughput data transfer antenna pairs. On the left we have the Mimosa B24 Unlicensed 24 GHz PTP Back haul antenna. At these frequencies a pair will give you 1.6 Gbps according to documentation.

ISP Equipment