MAV100 Seed NFTs

We are going to offer 3000 MAV100 Seed Round NFT’s to the community in October 2023. This capital will build out the legal entity structure for the MAV100-World Mobile community integration project and buy a mobile World Mobile Air Node network for BETA Testing. These NFT’s will sell for 500 Ada each. Together we will build the community centered framework that will drive mass adoption of Cardano and World Mobile around the world.

We are looking to raise about 2 million ADA. We have a full budget for what this capital will be used to accomplish on our BETA Test page. The primary focus of this BETA Test and the Seed NFT Sale is to test the World Mobile network and to build our Community Owned Network Framework with the Seed NFT owners being our first DAO managers. This effort will be the proof of concept for a Decentralized Community Owned World Mobile Network.

First Utility: Mobile Community Cooperative Ownership

The most obvious utility of being a Seed NFT owner is that you will have fractional ownership of the MAV100 Mobile Community Cooperative LLC which will share ownership of the MAV100 Mobile Community Coop Asset Holding Company. During the BETA Test we will be testing coverage characteristics of equipment and  building our management framework. After the BETA Test concludes and Chelan County holds it’s own CCM NFT Sale it will buy any equipment that makes no sense to move. I.e. if we build a 6 sector macro cell on a 100 foot tower the Chelan County Cooperative will buy that from the MAV100 Mobile Community Coop. Additionally we are not going to tear out any wired indoor boosters or mesh networks.

But most of the equipment will be set up as mobile units. This makes sense during the BETA test because we are going to be moving the equipment on a daily basis. After the BETA we are going to be using this equipment at Concerts, Fairs, Sporting Events and Christmas Lighting and venues where many people show up to an event and overwhelm the local equipment. We will also use this equipment to bootstrap new communities that are in the process of building out a Community owned network and for school outreach programs. We will deploy this network during disaster relief efforts. This Network will require management and likely have the best ROI of any of our networks.

We foresee this Mobile Community Cooperative expanding and becoming easily the largest Cooperative in our network. Once you think about the number of venues and  community events  a mobile network can be used for then you will understand. In the future this Cooperative can release more Mobile CCM NFT’s to expand. But there will never be more Seed NFT’s and Mobile Seed NFT’s will be weighted double by value for DAO representation and for revenue distribution compared to any Mobile CCM NFT’s released in the future.  

Second Utility: Community Cooperative Membership Particiapation

This utility will also be unique to MAV100 Seed NFT’s. The MAV100 Seed NFT will allow you to participate in the Whitelist round of any WM Community Cooperative Membership NFT funding sale. 

The people who buy these NFT’s are going to participate in the creation of this template and will gain the option of buying into any MAV100 Community Cooperative Membership NFT Mint. Right now we have about 10 communities lined up to follow this framework. Seed NFT owners who are delegated to the MAV100 Stake Pool will be able to buy 10% of the NFTs in any Community Mint. We want most of the Network to be locally owned. But we also want our Seed NFT Owner Community to have a stake in these communities. We want you to be in these communities helping them learn how to be Cardano citizens. 

MAV100 Seed NFT Sale

Out Seed NFT Mint will happen in November 2023.