Web Connectivity Portal: What does modern connectivity look like?

Fixed Wireless

Fixed wireless is expanded WiFi, short for Wireless Fidelity and is a term used to label the IEEE 802.11 communications protocol.

Web Televison

Cable TV is an awful model run by awful people. We turn your TV into a portal where you have near infinite choices to choose what to watch.

Mobile Cell and Data

Cell Phones work by connecting to towers, or Mobile Cells using EM waves in the radio frequency range. 

Fiber Internet

Most bulk data transfer happens on Fiber Optic Cables. These use light signals to transfer data across long distances and high rates.

we can all Install Fiber Optic Cable

We are working with local entities to increase the options people have for fiber connectivity. 

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Why Decentralized Telecommunications?

We teach the basics of connectivity infrastructure so that more poeple can understand and participate in the sharing economy.

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