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This whitepaper explains the…

MAV100 White Paper

Collin Smith
Cameron Smith
Sept 2023


This whitepaper explains the MAV100 mission, and the ecosystem that we are
creating to make that mission a reality. It explains the different legal entities
that will be used to organize adoption of decentralized technologies that we
believe will benefit not just individuals, but society and culture as a whole.
The initial implementation of our efforts will be with students, and the
decentralized infrastructure that makes up school systems across not just the
United States, but countries around the world. By integrating solutions that
Cardano has to offer into student’s lives through the ASB (Associated Student
Body), the initial beneficiaries will be students, who will have the tools to
become a force for change.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • MAV100 Ecosystem
  • Community Series Integration Plan
  • Community Cooperative Series NFT Mint and Management Plan
  • NFT Staking System, DRep Delegation and Nomination of DAO Management
  • Call To Action

 If this is your first White Paper, welcome to our community, you are
helping make the MAV100 mission come true. If you have been with Cardano you
have been waiting for the solutions being developed on this block chain to yield
real changes in the world. The time for these solutions to yield tangible change
has arrived.

MAV100 will empower students around the world to lead us into a decentralized future.

The Cardano Community has built an incredible set of solutions to decentralize telecommunications, finance, education, gaming, governance, and other facets of our lives. When we present these solutions in the right way and in the right order communities respond enthusiastically. We at MAV100 are aiming to drive adoption of the Cardano Blockchain by integrating these solutions into the community starting with students. When people within a community witness direct and tangible benefits for students, they often engage with an open mind.

MAV100 Ecosystem

The purpose of the MAV100 ecosystem is to create a framework that allows investors and community members of all technical capabilities and means to participate in building and maintaining a Community Cooperative Telecommunications Network (CCTN). This is our current Legal Entity Map:
1. MAV100 Non-Profit Corporation: This entity serves as the central hub for the ecosystem. The process of integrating Cardano into communities is going to revolve around the creation of trustless and algorithmic entities that take the place of bureaucracy. The Non-Profit Corporation will automate the support of the ecosystem that will replace the corporate overhead of a Telecommunications Network.

1-A. MAV100 Algorithmic NFT Buyback System: Designed to stabilize and
balance the Community Cooperative Membership NFT market. This mechanism sets a
floor on NFT prices and provides subsidies to underprivileged or remote areas.
It will function like a decentralized liquidity pool exchange, relying on
contributions from local cooperatives to repurchase NFTs.

1-B. MAV100 Trade Schools Support: Some revenues from all MAV100 entities will be redirected back into the ecosystem to support our educational and skill building efforts. A strong/profitable decentralized network will require a capable and well-trained citizenry.

1-C. MAV100 Community DAO Co-op Integration. Tasked with overseeing
Cooperative Series Membership NFT capital raised in the mint and contracting
for the installation of purchased air nodes. All raised funds will be administered
in trust until the MVP Cooperative network is established. 

2. Community Air Node Cooperatives: This framework forms the core structure
for implementing decentralized telecommunications into communities. The first
of these will be in the Chelan/Douglas Counties in WA state, and will be
governed as a cooperative association. Membership within the Community
Cooperative will be represented by the Community Cooperative Membership NFT’s.

3. School Telenet/ASB Clubs: We will build the ecosystem with training and
education from the ground up. We are going to integrate directly with students in ASB clubs offering
technical training in telecommunications hardware, CBRS/CPI training, and
general blockchain understanding. We will raise a generation that can build,
operate, and defend a decentralized network.

4. MAV100 Air Node Refurbishment and Repair Corporation: The mission of this
entity extends beyond practical objectives. This corporation aims to equip
individuals with the skills required to repair and maintain network equipment,
reducing maintenance costs and fostering valuable trade skills.

5. MAV100 eSIM/Phone Sales: This will serve the function of providing cell phones that are compatible with World Mobile eSIMs. It will be staffed by trained sales personnel, and offer students opportunities to help grow their community network. As we expand the decentralized network we expand the skills of our citizens.

6. MAV100 Hardware Installation and Maintenance Corporation: Responsible for the
installation and maintenance of hardware essential to the network’s operation.
Maintains SAS portal registrations and network load balancing.

Community Series Integration Plan

The primary objective with this plan is to bridge the chasm between Web3 adopters and those
unfamiliar with Web3 technologies. The strategy for attaining this objective
consists of a phased approach that guides communities from reliance on
centralized systems to discover decentralization and decentralized governance.

Phase 0 – Community Integration and On-Boarding 
This phase initiates by donating WM Air Nodes to students and educational institutions with the aim of teaching them the fundamentals of establishing and maintaining a telecommunications network. The resultant revenues will be funneled into student club development, encompassing scholarships, CBRS certification, training, and valuable trade skills.
Phase 1 – Community Expansion 
In Phase 1, the project transitions towards collaborating with local businesses, who recognize the value of participating in a community owned cooperative. This collaboration is augmented by students, transforming them into advocates for decentralized cell phone services.
Over approximately three months, community engagement activities will include visiting residents and businesses, and conducting workshops to assist with wallet creation and funding. We will be guiding individuals in the sign-up process and rewarding affiliates who help make this possible.
During the Community Sign-Up Sale we will be asking new CCM NFT owners for input and showing them network design maps. These maps will show population distribution and topology. We are going to involve them in creating the contract between MAV100 Community DAO Co-op Integration, Community Cooperative, and MAV100 Network Hardware Installation and Maintenance.
As new Members buy into the cooperative we want them to have clear expectations and a sense of ownership in what they are helping to build. Together with the community the MAV100 Community DAO Co-op Integration Team will create a Community Cooperative Funding Plan(CCFP) based on estimates of hardware purchase costs, installation costs, and required operating capital for operations while the network is being established.
Phase 2 – Community Network NFT Fundraiser
In this phase MAV100 Community DAO Co-op Integration implements the CCFP involving the sale of NFTs that represent fractional ownership of the Community Cooperative airnodes. Each series of NFTs corresponds to a specific Community Cooperative. The Community Cooperative funding plan will be based on estimates of necessary capital produced in collaboration with World Mobile, MAV100 and the community we are integrating with.

Phase 3 – Community Network NFT Fundraiser
In this phase MAV100 Community DAO Co-op Integration implements the CCFP
involving the sale of NFTs that represent fractional ownership of the Community
Cooperative airnodes. Each series of NFTs corresponds to a specific
Community Cooperative. The Community Cooperative funding plan will be
based on estimates of necessary capital produced in collaboration with World
Mobile, MAV100 and the community we are integrating with.

Simultaneously students will take on active roles in community engagement and awareness-building efforts. We will stand up a Telecommunications Network that exceeds the current service and coverage that existed previously.
Phase 4 – Network Activation,
Transition to Self Governance and Maintenance In this phase, Community Cooperative governance structures are voted on and ratified in the first Community Cooperative DAO vote. The Community Cooperative will vote to activate their network and begin assuming responsibility for management and operations.
Stakepool alliances formed by schools in the region facilitate this governance model, which emphasizes transparency and community representation. The resulting decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) will eventually oversee budget allocation, maintenance, expenses, and network expansion.
The Community will now have a decentralized legal entity that owns and is on a path to controlling its own Community Telecommunications Network. The community will participate in a model for responsive local governance that follows the decentralized model with each Community Cooperative Membership NFT owner as a representative
This will also make the Community Cooperative part of a Decentralized National Telecommunications Network with each Community Cooperative acting as a representative and supporting the decentralized ecosystem. The Community will also begin contributing to the ecosystem that will support their telecommunications service.

Community Series NFT Mint and Management Plan

Basic NFT Configuration
The sale of Community Cooperative Membership(CCM) NFTs will serve as the foundation the Community Cooperatives are built on. These NFTs represent fractional ownership within the community cooperative network to be established. Revenue distribution within the air node network will feature pre-tax allocations to non-profit entities focused on training, education, and network support. Specific distribution percentages may evolve as practical experience is gained. Net profits will eventually be directed by the DAO. Participation in the DAO will entail staking the CCM Bond NFT within the protocol portal along with the delegation of Ada to the local School Alliance Stake Pool.
CCM Bond NFT Functionality
The CCM Bond NFT will possess a dual function. The first is the ability to register in the whitelist round for any one future CCM Series white list sales round. The NFTs released in any series will be numerically ordered, ranging from 0 to n, where n represents the quantity of NFTs released. This sequence will determine the position in the white list line. We want to promote a system of rolling investment in new communities
The second Function will be fractional ownership of the Community Cooperative and the ability to participate in the DAO through the Community Cooperative Management Portal. This is where the owners will receive their share of the revenues generated by the cooperative and elect their DRep Board. Full NFT staking and functionality will be discussed below.
Community Sign-Up Sale
We will build a portal where upon purchase each participant will acquire one Community Cooperative Membership NFT and add their wallet to a whitelist for the subsequent phase. Additionally, depending on the spot price an amount of ADA will be deposited into their new wallet alongside their NFT. They will also be delegated to the Stake Pool Alliance representing local schools. Their Air Node Bond will be staked within the DAO portal, rendering them cooperative members ready to elect Cooperative DReps and participate in management.
Community Onboarding Reward Distribution
A significant effort will be dedicated to community onboarding and school recruitment. Approximately 25% of NFTs in each series will be awarded to individuals who establish school telenet clubs and successfully onboard community members. People who do the work to build our community are going to be the owners in our community.
Community White List Sale
Following 2-4 months of community engagement, a whitelist will be established comprising local participants. These individuals will be offered the opportunity to purchase community NFTs. The majority of NFTs will be available for purchase by local members who signed up and purchased during the Community Onboarding and Sign Up period. All interested community members will be able to sign up for the mint and on mint day everyone who funded the Cooperative will get their Community Cooperative Bond NFTs.
MAV100 Seed NFT Owners and Previous Phase Owners
A number of CCM NFTs per series will be designated for this round. This
allocation will encompass 2000 seed round NFT holders and previous Cooperative Fundraiser Bond NFT holders. Each Cooperative Fundraiser Bond NFT will be numbered, with placement determined by the NFT number. Registration order will break ties. The mint will rotate through the list and mint NFT’s until the allotted number of NFT’s is reached or the list runs out.
Open Sale
An open sale phase will follow, available on a first-come, first-served basis, encompassing any remaining CCM NFTs.

NFT Staking System, DRep Delegation and Nomination of DAO Management

The MAV100 portal is going to be the gateway for community members all over the world to decentralized corporations. We are going to make this a template that communities and businesses can follow. Our portals, NFTs, and algorithmic management systems will be specific to running a Telecommunications Network in this integration plan. We fully intend to create similar systems for many other Cardano projects
In order to delegate to a Cooperative DAO Board D-Representative NFT holders must stake their NFT(s) within the Cooperative Portal for their Community Cooperative and delegate their wallet to the local alliance stake pool. Each NFT grants one vote, with 50 Ada delegated per NFT to the alliance pool. Ownership of Chelan/Douglas County Series 0 NFTs requires a 50 Ada delegation per NFT to the AVALO Stake Pool.

NFT Staking System and Revenue Distribution

Revenues will first go to covering electricity costs, cloud service fees,, and standard operating expenses. After this a distribution will be made by each Community Cooperative to support the ecosystem. These are the entities each community cooperative will support:
  • The Algorithmic Bond Buyback account
  • WM Air Node Refurbishment and Repair training corporation
  • WM Installation and Maintenance Corporation
  • Community Student Telenet Stake Pool Alliance
  • MAV100 non-profit School Recruitment and outreach program
The DAO Board Representatives for the Community Cooperative will be paid. Following the deduction of costs and ecosystem support distribution, net revenues will be managed and distributed by the DAO elected Board.

Call To Action

Goals. Strategies. Tactics. Once a community is introduced to a decentralized governance system we will be able to show them how this can apply to many other aspects of community management. Then we will show them how their community will participate in the global management of their Telecommunications. MAV100’s first strategy will be to integrate Cardano projects into Communities. Our second strategy is to build individuals who can live in a decentralized world. These students will be the pillars of their community and will value and defend their decentralized social fabric.

We fully intend to push this model as a Global Social Contract.

Our Goal is for communities all over the world to maintain their own Telecommunications Network and their own Stake Pools. Education and telecommunications are universal and fundamental parts of a community. These need to be managed in a decentralized manner.
We are all trying to ignore politics and the greed and power mongering all around us. It is depressing. But what if we can do something to fight that? What if we can bring hope that they don’t have to kneel to corrupt leaders and politicians? It is time for the Cardano Community to lead.