World Mobile Community Integration Plan

Combining education, blockchain, and telecommunications within communities.

Most people understand how a telecommunications system works at a basic level.  We leverage this and show them how decentralization and community ownership will benefit their lives.  By integrating blockchain into an already familiar framework people can easily take that first step into an inclusive, accountable, and decentralized world.

To begin in each community we take a 5 Phase approach that collectively we call a Series.  Each series will be similar to our BETA Program, which we are implementing right now in the Chelan/Douglas counties in Washington State.  

Phase 0: Student Education and School District Integration

We begin phase 0 by going to school districts and helping students create ASB Telenet Clubs (Associated Student Body Clubs) dedicated to teaching students about the processing of data from End User Device to Point of Presence on the fiber-optic network.  These ASB Clubs are entities capable of performing financial activities related to fund-raising, from bake sales to selling hotdogs at school football games.  Once created we then donate equipment to this club.  One set of equipment is for the purpose of running their own Cardano Stake Pool, and the other is in the form of World Mobile Airnodes.  We then educate the students on how the networks function, and how a community can benefit from this integration. Revenues from ASB owned airnodes and Cardano stake pools will go to student ASB development including: scholarships, CBRS certification and training, student access to internet in remote areas, or anything the students agree upon within the student body’s charter.

This first step is key to getting started in a community. As we have reached out to various school districts we have come up against several points of resistance. The biggest hurdle we must overcome is the negative perception of Crypto Currencies and the distrust the general public feels towards web3.  By working with and educating members of school boards, school administration, and mission driven entities like the Rotary, we gain the endorsement of trusted voices within a community that open many doors.

Phase 1: Student Community Outreach

Now that students have a Telenet Club and are starting their own telecommunications network they can begin reaching out to local businesses, churches, and individuals interested in becoming partners with the school in building out the network.  This not only taps into the economic heart of the community, but gives access to ideal locations for air nodes.  

In this phase we explain to local leaders how the entire MAV100 Ecosystem works to support community investment. There is a massive amount of overhead in running 1 or 100 Cell Towers and the vast majority of people do not have the resources to even begin to get involved on their own. But with our framework anyone of any means and skill level can invest in a community owned telecommunications network.

 We offer apprenticeships and skill training in network installation and maintenance, financing and corporate organization, mobile service sales, and hardware refurbishment and repair to students in the community. 

During this phase we are signing people up for wallets and teaching them how to use our portals. We are also working with the community to bid out and design a minimum viable network. Using a combination of online network planning tools and mobile test airnodes we will help design a communities minimum viable network (MVN). Some communities will want to start small and expand over time. Some communities will want to build out a complete full coverage network. This will be a community by community effort. 

Phase 2: Community NFT Fundraiser

Now that we have a community prepared to create their own telecommunications network along with the MVN design, we can begin raising money for equipment purchase and installation. People in the local area now know about the full plan and how we are going to fund it through investment in a community cooperative association. This investment will be facilitated through NFTs sales. Each Community Cooperative Series will have it’s own NFT representing membership in a community cooperative association

To activate membership in the Community Cooperative these NFTs will need to be staked in the local students Cardano Stake Pool. This incentivizes adoption of blockchain, and shows the community a solid use case for securing their own network.  Net revenues from the network Air Nodes will be distributed to wallets with staked Community Cooperative NFT’s. Network requirements based on population and geography and MVN Build Requirements will determine the size of each mint.

Phase 3: Network Build Out and Community Training

The proceeds from the Community Cooperative NFT sale will go into the newly formed Community Cooperative Asset Holding LLC. The initial MVN build out will be installed using the funds from the NFT sale following the plan spelled out in the MVN contract between MAV100, the Community Cooperative, and the local Hardware and Installation entity. 

Once the Minimum Viable Network has been installed testing done by MAV100 and local students will commence to find gaps in coverage, and tweaks to the network will be carried out to maximize performance.  At this point a second and on-going phase of community outreach will be conducted to showcase the power of community owned infrastructure and continue on-boarding more users. Students will now be able to offer faster and cheaper telecommunications service that benefits everyone in the community.

Phase 4: Transition to Community Governance

This is the part that we look forward to the most. We are going to model our governance after the D Rep system being built in CIP-1694/Voltaire. The school stake pool alliance in the area will host the DAO system and forums. D Reps in the community will sign up and people will be encouraged to delegate to someone to represent them. D Rep delegation will be carried out by staking Community Cooperative Series NFT’s in an Student Alliance Stake Pool DAO portal. This portal will provide a dashboard for Community Cooperative owners to communicate and manage their Community Cooperative telecommunications network.

The Community Cooperative and MAV100 will enter into a partnership that will support and maintain the Community Owned Network. This partnership is built to maintain the integrity and decentralized nature of the Network and to provide a framework that mitigates the overhead involved in a telecommunications network.

One of the most exciting prospects in the Cardano Space is the ability to create true local governance systems that manage significant parts of our lives with transparency. The DAO is going to manage budgets, maintenance, expenses and expansion of the community network through the representatives it elects. We believe that these Community Cooperatives will become a backbone of local decentralized governance of communities around the world.